Variation in leaf morphology of Quercus pontica natural populations in Turkey




Quercus pontica K.Koch is a relict plant species which is classified as vulnerable (VU) in Turkey. Within the scope of this study it needed to be investigated are there variations in leaf morphological characteristics within and among Q. pontica populations. Variation in leaf traits in relation to seven different natural provinces was identified. In total, 99 individuals were selected, and 30 leaves were collected from each shrub to determine leaf variations in Q. pontica populations. Mean values for petiole length (1.07 cm), leaf length (17.13 cm), lamina length (16.13 cm), leaf width (8.10 cm), leaf area (93.76 cm2), leaf vein angle (54.22 degree), total number of primary veins (38.72), total number of teeth (40.73), petiole ratio (6.34%), relative length of lamina at largest width (50.50%), and percentage of venation (98.65%) were determined in all populations. The results of the analysis of variance showed significant differences (p< 0.01) among individuals within populations for all leaf characteristics. Variations among populations were detected by cluster analysis and principal components analysis. According to the analysis results, the 11 populations were grouped in three categories. Using correlation analysis, statistically significant relationships between leaf traits were determined. In this study, we detected no significant relationship between environmental factors (altitude, aspect, annual temperature and annual precipitation) and leaf traits. Key words: leaf morphology, Quercus pontica, relict, variation



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Yildirim, N., & Turna, İbrahim . (2021). Variation in leaf morphology of Quercus pontica natural populations in Turkey. Baltic Forestry, 27(1).